• Turn words into clicks.

    Turn words into clicks

    It isn't web copy you're really interested in. It's the results great web copy can bring. Smooth your customers' path from home page to checkout.

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  • Email marketing writing

    You send. Customers spend.

    Get smart, response-focused email marketing copy that brings your campaigns to life.

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  • Brochure copywriting

    Make it a real page-turner.

    Not every customer will read your brochure, but the ones who do are the ones most likely to buy. Hook them with brilliant brochure writing.

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Writing that Means Business

And specifically, more of it. I’m a freelance copywriter who can provide just the right words to bring more customers through your door (or your online checkout). From my busy office in Sheffield, UK, I can work with your agency, marketing department or company anywhere in the world.

Web copywriting
Your web pages have a destiny: to get customers buying, calling or clicking. Make sure that destiny is fulfilled, with brilliant web copywriting. More →
Email marketing copy
If your email campaigns need a pick-me-up, I can help you get more responses with irresistible subject lines, focused messaging and engaging copy. More →
Brochure copywriting
The brochure that sells has depth to match its beautiful design. Take customers over the tipping point with smart and stylish brochure writing. More →

Copywriting portfolio

Recent blog posts

The best products don’t make the best adverts. David Abbot did.

Sometimes I think the best ad ideas spring naturally from the most exciting products. That those effortless headlines speak to us so clearly, and sell to us so easily, because the product was a winner from the beginning.

Take those coolly confident iPhone ads. With a revolutionary product like that, why wouldn’t you just say “This changes everything”?

How about the Nintendo Wii? Its “Wii would like to play” campaign won the 2008 Effie Awards’ top prize. 100 million sales later, it seems well deserved. But let’s face it, the product sold itself – as much through word of mouth as advertising.

The copywriters hired to write about the best products write the best ads. They can write simple, fun copy and let the product do most of the talking. No imagination required. Their job is easy! Continue reading -→

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