Your annual report is a brilliant opportunity to share your organisation’s achievements and inspire your stakeholders. It has the power to generate valuable interest in what you do and to positively influence investors. With professional writing by an experienced annual report writer, that power is greatly increased – while the burden on your communications staff is relieved.

Professional interviewing and research

Great annual report writing comes from a genuine understanding of your organisation and its achievements. So choose a writer with the experience to interview your staff, visit your sites and review your existing data in a professional manner.

Lift the burden from your team

When your communications staff have an annual report to write on top of their usual duties, the pressure can really mount. My service relieves that pressure on a completely flexible basis. I can also provide external proof reading, to ensure your annual report copy contains no errors.

Bring your brand to life

Having written for many large brands, I understand how to translate your corporate identity into an engaging and appropriate writing style. Your annual report will contain writing of the highest quality.