Before you click publish on that new web page or email, ask yourself: Is your message strong and clear? Is your writing good enough to persuade readers? Or does it contain costly errors you won’t be able to fix later? Your spellchecker can’t help you with these issues. But as an experienced freelance copy editor, I can.

An easy route to perfect English

When you want to make sure your spelling, grammar and punctuation are perfect, send your draft documents to me. You’ll receive your edited copy on time and without any fuss.

Your web pages, letters and reports in great shape

To be persuasive, your copy needs arguments that flow and a writing style that is appropriate to your audience. So when you need a more creative service, rely on a copy editor who also writes marketing copy for big brands.

A skilled and knowledgeable copy editor

Boast alert: I studied English grammar as part of my master’s degree in English at the University of Glasgow. I know my stuff. Your copy will come out sparkling.