If you want results from your email marketing campaign, it’d better be strong. Irresistible with its subject lines, and packing muscle in its message. My email copy is relied on by major brands and read by thousands of international customers.

Focus on results

Today’s savvy customers only open emails with clear value and unique offerings. So understanding what excites them is vital to your campaign’s success. I can help you craft-focused and fresh email copy that converts more sales and sign-ups.

Engage more customers

The most effective email marketing doesn’t just sell products – it sells your brand. As an email writer for a wide range of clients, from global IT vendors to leading internet marketing & a digital agency company, I can quickly adopt your style and help you build strong customer relationships.

Increase open rates

As well as bringing creative expertise to the most critical part of your emails – the subject line – I’m knowledgeable about current best practices that help keep your messages out of customers’ spam folders.


  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive
  • Online retail
  • Video games
  • IT and software
  • Property
  • Estate agency
  • Professional services

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Children’s products