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My Owl Software is a small indie game developer, whose games have a strong following among gamers and critics. I wrote two press releases announcing the launch of Apple Jack 2, in an irreverent style appropriate to the market.

The press release resulted in front page coverage on two of the world’s largest game websites, and The game also received reviews and coverage from numerous other game publications, including highly-respected magazine Edge.

Last modified on March 11th, 2014 by Neil Wheatley

Escape with Apple Jack 2 in 2012

~ Sequel to acclaimed Xbox Live Indie Games platformer Apple Jack coming Q1 ~

SUFFOLK, 27 DECEMBER 2012 – Apple Jack hates his boring job. Driven to near-insanity by the click-clack of the photocopier, he’s determined to leave it far behind (along with his clothes) and head for the beach. And so in Apple Jack 2 from My Owl Software, announced today in this here press release, it’s up to Xbox 360 players to help him escape the drab mundanity of it all.

He’ll also need to escape from – well, DESTROY actually – evil pandas, washing machines, floating eyeballs and all the other nonsense gamers might remember from the first Apple Jack game, plus a host of new enemies. [...]

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