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Dealer Management Services

DMS Ltd hired me to develop benefit-focused product messaging that would appeal to business managers who aren’t necessarily IT experts.

The software developer’s flagship product, Navigator, is an industry-leading vehicle dealership management system. I wrote a range of marketing copy including the Navigator brochure, website copy and a series of print adverts highlighting the system’s innovative features.

Last modified on January 7th, 2014 by Neil Wheatley
Writing copy for your web site seems like the simplest thing in the world. After all, we are the ones that know most about our product and how we want it represented. How wrong can you be?!

Until we worked with Neil, we didn't realise how more than often, our in-house copy didn't actually get the points we wanted to make across to our intended audience. Nowadays, almost nothing goes out of this building to prospective customers in written form without Neil first ensuring that it is suitable for our intended audience, in the correct form and gets our points succinctly across. I would heartily recommend him to everybody (except our competitors).
Simon Verona, Director, Dealer Management Services Ltd

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