The sales letter writer who gets more responses does things differently. He takes time to understand your business (and your competitors). He learns all about your customers. He uses knowhow and creativity to write a winning headline. And all before he’s even written ‘Dear Mr Jones’. Why? Because when it comes sales letter writing, skill and experience pay – literally, and after all that’s why we are here, to earn money.

Grab your customers’ attention

A good headline doesn’t simply shout loud. With one line, it urges the customer to read further. My service combines creativity with proven headline writing methods. I can also offer headline options for split testing purposes.

Make a personal connection

How do your customers spot a letter they want to read among all the junk mail? They see a great offer that’s tailored just for them. They see quality writing, not the same old tricks. And they feel a strong connection with the business speaking to them. Make sure your sales letter has these qualities and more.

Rely on years of writing experience

Since 2008 I’ve written scores of successful B2B and B2C sales letters. My clients have included global brands and companies in many different industries, from IT vendors to large cleaning contractors.