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The Changing Face of Care Homes

For many years care homes have been regarded as the final place where octogenarians can go to, to live out their remaining years. These years were seen as anything but the golden years. Care homes have for the longest time been associated with isolation and illness. They have also been associated with boredom and loneliness. But, this is all changing. The evolution of care homes has brought in a new era. One where the elderly actually get to live out their last years surrounded by people who care for them and activities which are catered to their needs.

Here are a few of the services which new-age care homes such as Lovat House offer to ageing citizens:

State Of The Art Health Care

As the face of care homes change, so does the care offered to residents. Modern care homes are equipped with life-saving hospital rooms which have seen the life expectancy of those entering care increased by at least five years. With highly trained staff on hand 24 hours a day, any medical issues are seen to right away. From the common cold to instances of a more serious nature, all can be handled on-site.

Activities To Keep Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle in one’s later years is of paramount importance. It is for this reason that many of the modern care homes have adopted a health first approach to caring for residents. This approach has also ensured that those moving into care homes have access to activities which not only promote a healthy lifestyle but also support it. From dancing to tennis and even water aerobics, in the changing face of care homes, more centres are being equipped with facilities to alleviate boredom while promoting healthy choices.

Social Outings To Look Forward To

One of the most daunting aspects of moving a loved family member to a care home to the thought of them sitting isolated in a room with nothing to do. Modern care homes promote everything social. Residents are encouraged to take part in a number of social activities hosted in groups. These include knitting circles, photography clubs, and even guided nature walks. Getting out of the house is important not only for physical wellbeing but also for mental welfare. Residents are encouraged to actively participate in more than one social event every month to promote overall wellbeing.

Amazing Psychological Care

Aging is part of life but for many, it is hard to accept. As the body or mind starts to deteriorate many elderly citizens often fall into depression. They are not able to do everything that they used to and this can leave them frustrated. Frustrations and continued efforts to get things done of their own can easily lead to depression. When family members do not visit as regularly as they used to many elderly residents start to feel as if they’re a burden to their family. To help combat this modern care homes employ the services of highly trained therapists who council employees to help them overcome mental issues they may have, and in doing so provide a holistic approach to aging care.



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