Publishing on your own blog vs Linkedin and Medium

I was recently asked by a client to write and publish a couple of articles not on their blog, but in my own name on Linkedin and Medium.

It was my first time writing on either of those platforms, and I found some pleasant surprises. I would definitely consider publishing on both sites again, but which is best? Here’s what I found this time. Continue reading -→

How to turn an IT product feature into a strong marketing message

Now seems to be a great moment for IT hardware and software firms. With digital infrastructure pretty much the only credible route for businesses nowadays, many B2B vendors, resellers and developers are booming.

It’s still a highly competitive market, however – and copy and content are good ways to compete.

This is anecdotal, but the quality of website and email content used by many small British businesses in the IT sector is… shall we say, not so hot. Many SMEs write their own marketing words, even though writing is not their strongest suit. This means businesses with well-written content can gain an advantage.

So, how might you do that?

One approach is to develop stronger marketing messages. Here’s how I usually go about it. Continue reading -→

A bit of chest beating about SEO content writing

There was a time, around 2009, when companies would ask me to write very-SEO-focused web content for them. It doesn’t happen much anymore, probably since Google acted to stamp out content aimed more at search bots than people. But SEO is still an important consideration for most corporate web content.

Today (12th Jan actually, this one’s a scheduled post) I was reminded that I’m actually pretty good at that stuff, when I did a quick check of my own website’s organic search performance. Continue reading -→