A bit of chest beating about SEO content writing

There was a time, around 2009, when companies would ask me to write very-SEO-focused web content for them. It doesn’t happen much anymore, probably since Google acted to stamp out content aimed more at search bots than people. But SEO is still an important consideration for most corporate web content.

Today (12th Jan actually, this one’s a scheduled post) I was reminded that I’m actually pretty good at that stuff, when I did a quick check of my own website’s organic search performance.

I moved to Manchester from Sheffield less than two years ago, and for most of that time I’ve mentioned both cities in my web pages’ meta data.

Last week, I finally completed the jump. As you’ll see, my home page title is now ‘Manchester copywriter | Wheatley Copywriting’.

Then, today, I found that move has really paid off: I’m now the highest place copywriting business in Google UK’s organic search results for ‘copywriter manchester’. Everything above me is job sites or paid links. And all with a site I wrote and built myself.

So here I am bragging about it. If you want a content writer who understands SEO, pick me.

Last modified on January 12th, 2017 by Neil Wheatley
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