My case study-testimonial hybrid writing service is one happy accident

The best things often come about purely by chance.

A few months ago, a brilliant new client of mine called Delta Comtech asked me to interview some of their customers and write up some new testimonials for them. Little did I know this would evolve into a whole new service, which is proving pretty popular – with the same companies I interviewed on behalf of Delta Comtech (DCT from here on).

Each one went a bit like this:

  • DCT asked me to interview the customer, who I emailed to set up a call.
  • The interview was short and sweet: around 10 minutes and 3 simple questions, on why they chose DCT, what DCT does for them, and what the outcomes were.
  • I wrote up a short article (around 200 words) with a strong intro, main call-out quote, and some body text with more customer quotes.

The beauty is, the result can serve as a case study and as testimonial quotes. So it can be published as an online article, or part of marketing collateral, or chopped up into handy call-outs.

Each one only took an hour, all in. So the price of these super-useful case study/testimonial hybrids is only £50 + VAT. No wonder two of the DCT customers I interviewed have since used the service themselves!

Not bad for something that happened by chance. Please get in touch if this could be useful for your business, too.

Last modified on January 12th, 2017 by Neil Wheatley
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